Paleros, which until 1928 was called Zaverda, belongs to the Municipality of Aktio – Vonitsa and is embraced by the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea. It is located between Mytikas and Vonitsa, while it is about 30 km from Lefkada, 100 from Messolonghi and 350 from Athens.

The city has everything a visitor needs, offering a variety of options in picturesque taverns, cafes, bars, but also intense nightlife during the summer months and weekends. The modern marina of Paleros houses numerous sailing boats, while smaller boats and fishermen’s boats moor in the picturesque port. Its crystal clear sandy beaches with clear blue waters make it a favorite destination for Greek and foreign tourists. Some of the most popular beach options are Varko, Vathiavali, Potamaki.